Perfect Frameless Interior Door AND

Frameless interior doors have been a familiar sight on fashionable shopping floors and trendy display racks for years. But, their appearance is changing as interior designers adapt the new technology of glazing to make these doors more energy efficient.

Frameless Interior Door

European Home Design With Flush Door

Whether you are looking for a sleek contemporary look or an exotic look that lends an air of ancient grandeur, there is a variety of interior door styles available that use glass panels instead of traditional door jambs.Frameless interior doors and flush doors are popular for decades, especially in European home design, but they are making their way slowly into North American homes. Unlike traditional doors with wooden jambs, Dorsilux and flush mount flush doors elicit the spirit of contemporary interior design. In fact, many of these doors use an innovative double glass panel design with the inner glass pane tinted in a warm beige color, allowing light to shine through the door while maintaining privacy. With a wide range of colors, this type of door can lend a warm Mediterranean feel or a modern look with an Asian feel to any home.

Frameless Interior Doors

There are two basic types of frameless interior doors - frameless and semi-framed. Frameless interior doors and flush wall doors are made entirely out of one piece of glass and are not framed with frames. These doors feature no trim around the edges, so the frame of the door is the entire focus of the beautiful design. Framed doors are designed with trims at the corners, top and bottom, so the trim does not interfere with the beautiful design of the glass panes. Trimless doors do not leave a frame out along the edges, so the door appears smooth on all sides.The benefit of owning frameless interior doors is their ability to create a clean and modern look, even in older homes. They look like they are floating on the walls and are easy to install, as no trim is required to hide the glass. Semi-framed doors require a bit more work, as there must be trim around the edges of the frame to accommodate the glass trim. Trimless doors may be more difficult to install, but they provide a clean appearance and allow better vision through the room, which can save money in the long run.

Finding the Perfect Frameless Interior Door


Frameless Interior Doors

Frameless interior doors and flush door¬† available in many different styles, which allows them to fit well with many different architectural styles. Frameless doors are best used in rooms where you want the space to feel bigger, but you don’t want to give up any privacy or light. In rooms that are very small, a pocket door may be all the space you need, but they are perfect for larger rooms as well. There are many different styles to choose from, including French, sliding, bypass, or bifold, and your best bet is to start by comparing each style to your home.


New Door Frame

If you are looking for an upgrade to your home and want to add a modern, sleek look to the interior of your home, consider purchasing a new door frame. You will instantly increase the appeal of your home’s interior and make a statement about your personal taste. A great way to update your current home is to purchase a new contemporary door frame in a contemporary or modern design. Choose a great door frame and contemporary hardware and you will enjoy a fresh start for your home’s interior. You can find great prices¬†


Timeless Interior Door

With today’s variety of styles, fabrics, and colors, there is a hidden door frame style that fits with any decorating plan. Consider a hidden timeless interior door with an arch over the entry way for extra storage or to hide a large door, such as an exterior door. You can use a solid wood frame, or use a combination of wood and glass for your new concealed trimless door. Arch covered trimless windows can also be found in contemporary or modern design schemes to update the appearance of your home online if you are shopping from home.